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Review: The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13)

The Dark Knight Rises is the last installment in what is probably the best superhero franchise ever made to date. Like the other films in this series, it offers an artistic, sophisticated take on the familiar Batman story.

Among all the many comic book heroes that were created in the twentieth century, Batman is perhaps the most human and relatable of the lot. Unlike Superman or Spiderman, he has no superpowers. He does not come from another planet and has not come in contact with anything radioactive. He’s just a man with a lot of time on his hands and a few million extra bucks with which to buy cool crime-fighting toys.

What really sets Christopher Nolan’s Batman apart from the many other depictions is the director’s willingness to go beyond the simple good vs. evil motif. This “Dark Knight” acknowledges that his need to fight crime is not as simple as the good guy vanquishing over the bad guys. This Bruce Wayne (Batman’s true identity) knows that his need to find vengeance against the evil that left him orphaned as a young boy leaves him in danger of being swallowed up by his own dark shadow. Nolan very skillfully crafts a tale that looks not only at the underside of the villain, but at the underside of the hero as well. On top of that, this film is a rich visual feast of special effects and top-notch cinematography.

Spiritual Bottom Line: Offers more sophisticated spiritual content than most superhero films as it examines the character’s underlying motivations.

Quality Grade: A

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