Films Reviewed from a Spiritual Perspective


About M@M

This blog is founded upon the notion that the information we take in from the outer world can effect our inner lives. In today’s culture, media of all kinds influence our emotions and view of the world, both positively and negatively. Mystic at the Movies helps spiritual practitioners make more informed decisions when choosing films to view. M@M bloggers will review films from a wide variety of sources, not just those typically considered “spiritual” in nature.

This blog DOES:

  • Assist spiritual practitioners in making informed choices
  • Evaluate the general quality of films
  • Seek out obscure films of particular interest to spiritual practitioners
  • Encourage discussion of films’ content and themes
  • Communicate news about this blog and movies in general

This blog DOES NOT:

  • Determine which films are appropriate for children
  • Judge films as morally “good” or “bad”
  • Promote any particular spiritual dogma

Evaluation System

At the end of each written review, there is a summary of the blogger’s evaluation of the film. It includes two items:

  • Spiritual Bottom Line: This is a summation of the film’s spiritual content
  • Overall Quality: This provides a letter grade indicating the general artistic quality of the film

Guidelines for Comments

Comments should relate directly to the film in question. General comments about the blog should be sent to the blog master. Off-topic, insulting, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate remarks will be deleted. The blog master reserves to right to post or not post any comment.

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