Films Reviewed from a Spiritual Perspective

To Rome with Love is the latest offering from movie-making icon Woody Allen. It offers layered storytelling and usual the romantic entanglements, but unfortunately it is neither as witty nor as insightful as most other Allen films.

Like many Woody Allen films, To Rome with Love deals with contradictory aspects of the human psyche, especially those that lead us to be dishonest or disloyal to those we love most. As is typical of most Allen films, no spiritual solutions to humanity’s psychological dysfunctions are presented. Yet, from a spiritual perspective, there may be value in exploring the darker aspects of human nature in order to shed light into the darkness.  At his best, Woody Allen does just that – he forces us to look and laugh at the most irrational parts of the human mind, thereby allowing us to stop taking ourselves so seriously – a worthy spiritual objective in its own right. But in this film there are a few observations of human nature beyond the obvious. And worse, this film is just not that funny, nowhere near as funny as you’d expect a Woody Allen film to be.

Woody Allen himself appears as a character in this film, playing the usual nervous, obsessed neurotic. Allen is now seventy-something, and watching him play this character yet again at this age makes me yearn for some evidence of the character’s (and perhaps Allen’s) growth. Other of Allen’s more recent films, such as Midnight in Paris, show that he still has much creative potential, and only time will tell to what degree it and his character’s growth will be fulfilled.

Spiritual Bottom Line: Fails to offer the introspection and insight of Allen’s better films.

Quality Grade: C+

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